Pre-Blast: March 18th, 2020 (Day 1 of Monterey County “Shelter-in-Place” Order)


Covid-19 can’t stop us from having a good time. This is one of my favorite home workouts. It involves a cardio activity and a coupon. Use whatever you have available for the coupon. For cardio, I recommend running around the block or running to the street corner and back based on your environment. As always, adjust as you need to.

5 rounds of the following:

1 round cardio (1 x lap around block or similar)

10x coupon swings (think kettlebell swings), 10 x burpees, 10 x coupon swings, 10 x burpees

1 round cardio

Take a 20-30 count rest between rounds.
If time remains, alternate core workouts with merkins, 20 counts rest in between.

Enjoy! Stay safe and healthy!